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4 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Every Mum-to-Be Will Love


Are you attending a baby shower soon and still don’t have any idea what the right gifts for new mums are? You’ve come to the right place then!

It’s not always easy finding the perfect baby shower gift for a soon-to-be mum, especially if you haven’t had a baby yourself. “Do I look for gifts for the mum or the baby?” is often the question that most baby shower attendees ask themselves.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a short list of baby shower gift ideas that every expecting mum would love to receive on their special day!

Diaper bag to maternity hospital

1. Diaper Bag

When one of your close friends becomes a mum, the everyday stylish, chic handbag will soon be replaced with a diaper bag!

A diaper bag (also called a nappy bag) is a storage bag that can carry all the essentials that a mum needs when outside. These may include extra diapers, baby wipes, change of clothes, changing pads, pacifiers, bottles, and snacks, among others.

We suggest that you look for a diaper bag that’s spacious and has many easy-access compartments. Since your friend will be bringing it everywhere, go for something durable and classic-looking so it goes well with whatever outfit they choose!

The greatest thing about having a durable and functional diaper bag is that it encourages every mum to go out with their babies and have a life outside home knowing that they’re carrying everything they need whatever happens for the day!

Cute little asian baby play teether

2. Baby Teethers

Another great baby shower gift idea is a baby teether. Why? Because every baby will need it when the time comes!

When the baby’s teeth start coming in at around six months old, teething toys will be helpful in soothing their games.

Plus, teething toys often come in packages, so they make a practical and great gift option for new mums!

Look for a baby teether with multiple surfaces and surfaces because these can help massage and clean their gums at the same time. Some teethers are also dishwasher-friendly, which will make any mum’s life a bit easier.

Just a friendly reminder here that baby teethers are made from either all-natural rubber or silicone! Make sure your gift is BPA-free and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Doomoo Belly

3. Pregnancy Pillow

Finding a comfortable resting and sleeping position while pregnant is challenging for all expecting mums. The right maternity pillow can make this a bit more tolerable, though!

Since pregnant women aren’t recommended to sleep on their backs, the right pregnancy pillow can help them find a comfortable sleeping position that supports their growing bellies and other parts of their bodies, while keeping their babies safe.

Using pregnancy pillows has been proven to be effective in reducing muscle and joint pains in pregnant women, so believe us when we say that your friend would love to have this as a gift.

Plus, some of these pregnancy pillows can even double up as nursing pillows once your friend has given birth!

Breast pump and baby accessories

4. Breastfeeding Supplies

Breastfeeding is a different journey for every mum, but one thing’s for sure: it will be tough!

Gifting your friend with breastfeeding supplies will help them power through this complicated but rewarding journey. You can get her a nursing cover, nursing pillow, or some breast milk storage containers for starters.

If you want to go above and beyond, why not get them a breast pump? It’s easily one of the best things to get a new mum who’s planning to breastfeed their little one.

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There you have it! These are some of the best baby shower gift ideas that any expecting mum will surely love and appreciate.

If you want more advice like this, check out the rest of our articles on our blog! We’ve written all sorts of tips and tricks for mummies of all ages and stages.


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