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Have pre-loved baby items you don’t need? Let’s trade!

If you have items you don’t need anymore, this is where you can do something with them! Offer them to other mums who can still use them by arranging a swap or exchange with other members of Mummy Guru!


List your pre-loved items here for mums who may be interested in giving your items a new home. 


You have to be a member of Mummy Guru to participate, so sign up today!

Arrange for a swap or exchange with a mummy who has something you want by chatting with them!


Start a convo with mummy who listed the item you want by clicking the chat icon.


A friendly note to all mums

We’re all mums here, so please remember to be friendly and supportive of one another during convos and trades! Let’s be respectful of each other.

Ready to get started?

Explore items available for exchange on our forum

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