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The 5 Best Mother's Day Gifts That Every Mum Will Love

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Getting ready for Mother’s Day? It’s the perfect time to show mums the appreciation they so richly deserve! Whether it’s your own mum or a friend you’re shopping for, there are so many ways to make this occasion a special one for her. 

But where should you start? Well, if you’re a little short on Mother’s Day gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll take you through 5 of the best Mother’s Day gifts you can give – not just to loved ones but perhaps to yourself, if you need a little pick-me-up!

Mug with Best mom Ever

Customised and functional items

For this, you want to pick something the person uses often, because that’s where you really make the thought behind this present count. For example, if your recipient is a regular coffee drinker, why not get her a customised mug with a thoughtful message or quote?

Other ideas would be monogrammed towels and bathrobes (mums always need more of them!). Oh, and for mums who love to cook or bake, think about getting a custom apron embroidered with their name!

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A day at the spa

Every mum knows one of the best things anyone can get them would be a day of respite and relaxation. That’s why a spa is the best gift one can get a mother on this special day!

As it happens, most spas also offer nice bundles or experience packages that you can purchase for your recipient. A package might come with a massage, a mud bath, and other sorts of experiences. The important thing is to pick one that would suit your recipient.

If you’re really having trouble picking one, then why not make it something you and your recipient experience together? Go to a spa, have her pick the treatments, and just enjoy!

Cute asian girl and her mother eating snacks in kitchen

A great meal that’s labour-free for her

Most mums still do the cooking, which means this particular present will be very much appreciated if done right. 

If you can cook, try preparing a fantastic meal for your recipient. Bonus points if there’s enough to also feed her family and you can organise them to do the cleanup without her!

But even if you don’t know your way around a kitchen, this remains one of the best Mother’s Day presents. That’s because it’s a fairly simple matter to either go to a restaurant together or to bring or send your recipient some great takeaway!

Golden village gold class movie screening

Tickets to a show or class she’s interested in

Musicals, plays, films! There are so many shows your recipient might be interested in – the trick is to do the research and find out what she’s looking forward to. 

You can get it straight from the horse’s mouth, of course, but another option is to try to get it from other friends or family members. They very likely have ideas about what the person has been thinking about seeing or would like to attend. 

And don’t forget about hobby- or activity-based classes, by the way. Whether it’s a beading workshop or one for baking, if it’s something your recipient is interested in, it could be a good thing to experience with them!

earrings in her hands

Thoughtful jewellery

Many people still appreciate being given jewellery, and it can certainly indicate the strength of your regard for a recipient if you splurge on it. Regardless of the price tag, though, try to keep your selection thoughtful.

Choose pieces based on the recipient’s style, for example. Don’t choose something in gold because you like it, for instance – choose it only if it’s something your recipient would like and enjoy wearing!

Want more recommendations on products mums will love?

That wraps up our list of the best gifts for mums on this special occasion. If you want even more ideas on items that mums or mums-to-be might need, for mums or mums-to-be, why not visit the Mummy Guru forums? Mums like you are always chatting there and can give you fresh ideas.

You can even find members of our community sharing reviews about great baby products or mummy products there. Those reviews may well give you ideas about functional gifts to give fellow mums. You can even ask other mums questions about items you’re thinking of giving to another mum – so come on and join!

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