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Top 5 Products For Fun and Safe Baby Bath Time

Calm asian baby bathing in bathtub enjoy laughing. mother bathing her son in warm water

Nothing beats that rewarding feeling of giving your baby their first bath! You may think that it’s some simple and quick task, but it’s actually anything but, especially if you don’t have the right bathing essentials.

And that’s what we’re here to help you with today! Below is a list of the best baby bath products that will guarantee an enjoyable and safe bubble bath for babies!

From soft, absorbent towels to tiny nail clippers, every bathing essential serves a purpose to make this activity fun and safe for you and your little one!

Adorable of asian newborn baby bathing in bathtub

1. Baby bathtub

Safety should come as a priority when you’re looking for a bathtub for your little one. 

We recommend getting a baby bathtub that comes with a non-slip surface to make sure that your little one doesn’t slide or slip around. Ideally, it should also have a comfortable seating area to support their neck and back. 

Since a baby’s skin is super sensitive, check if the bathtub is made of non-toxic materials to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals! These could potentially trigger rashes and other skin conditions. 

Another important factor to consider is the size! For safety reasons, we don’t necessarily recommend using the bathtub you have at home.

A baby bathtub should only be big enough to accommodate their entire body comfortably but not too large that they might slip or fall.

baby with towel

2. Baby towels

A friendly reminder here that a regular towel may be too harsh or rough for a baby’s delicate skin! The good news is, there are many soft towels and washcloths out there specifically made for babies. 

Try to look for towels or washcloths made with soft and tender fabrics such as organic cotton or bamboo. These are not only gentle on a baby’s skin but extremely absorbent as well!

After checking the materials, make sure to check the towel’s size! It should be large enough to wrap your baby in and cover their entire body adequately. 

Lastly, although this isn’t as important as the first two we mentioned, it doesn’t hurt to pick a towel with cute and colourful designs that will put a smile on your baby’s face!

Baby in a bath towel with rubber ducks

3. Rubber duckies and other bath toys

Introducing bath toys to your little one can make bath time more fun and exciting!

The truth is, sometimes babies don’t like baths, but bath toys, such as rubber duckies, can help to put them at ease. The bright colours and funny sounds are said to be soothing and calming for babies and children. 

Additionally, squeezing and playing with rubber duckies builds their hand muscles and hand-eye coordination. They’re also a great distraction for when you need them to stay put and relax while you rub their bodies with soap.

The presence of bath toys not only helps to soothe your baby’s fear of immersing in water but also builds a positive association with bath time that will make them look forward to it everytime!

Yellow bottle of children cosmetic product and toy rubber duck in bathroom

4. Body wash and shampoo

There are lots of body washes and shampoos out there for babies, but how do you know which ones are actually non-toxic and safe for your little one?

It helps when you know which ingredients are harmful to babies!

Avoid bathing products with synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, and artificial colours. These are chemicals that can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and potentially cause long-term health and skin issues.

Of course, hypoallergenic and tear-free options are always a great choice for babies, with sensitive skin or not.

The label should tell you everything you need to know about a product. If it doesn’t clearly list its ingredients or fails to provide information about its formulation, it’s best to stay away from it!

Rinse Cup

5. Rinsing cup

Sooner or later, you’ll realise that washing off soap and shampoo from your baby’s body isn’t as easy as it looks! This is why we strongly suggest getting a rinsing cup!

Rinsing with just your hand is time-consuming and impractical, not to mention tiring! Using a rinsing cup does the job of cleaning off your baby more quickly and effectively.

We like that this simple and unassuming tool can make bath time easier for you and more enjoyable for your little one.

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There you have it! That’s our list of the best baby bath products for an exciting and safe bubble bath with your little one.

If you want more advice like this, make sure to check out the rest of our blogs on our website! We’ve written all sorts of guides for mummies and new parents out there!

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