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The 5 Best Pregnancy Products for Expecting Mums

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

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While pregnancy is a different experience for expecting mothers, it almost always comes with these things: body changes and discomfort, morning sickness, and frequent trips to the doctor.

The thing is, whether you’re having a relatively smooth or slightly tricky pregnancy, certain pregnancy products that will make your entire pregnancy a bit easier and more comfortable.

For today, we’re sharing a list of the best pregnancy products that will make every mum’s pregnancy journey healthier, safer, and overall more pleasant!

Make sure that your maternity bag is missing none of these essentials!

1. Prenatal vitamins

Any list of the best pregnancy products wouldn’t be complete without prenatal vitamins!

Basically, it’s impossible to go through pregnancy without taking some form of prenatal vitamins because you can’t get all the nutrients you need in a day from food alone. It doesn’t help that food aversion and morning sickness prevent mums from having a balanced diet!

Taking prenatal vitamins will make sure that you get your daily dose of iron, calcium, and folic acids. These are minerals that your body needs during pregnancy.

Just a friendly reminder to consult with your doctor before taking any prenatal vitamins to know which one to take and the recommended daily dosage.

2. Maternity pillow

One of the common dilemmas of pregnant women is getting enough sleep every night. As your belly grows, it will become increasingly difficult to find a comfortable position to rest and sleep in at night, especially using regular pillows.

Due to the risks of constricting vessels and arteries that supply blood to the baby, pregnant women aren’t suggested to sleep on their back, so is side-sleeping.

Enter maternity pillows! These are soft and cosy body pillows designed to mould to the shape of a pregnant woman’s body, supporting the weight of their bellies and reducing strain on their back, torsos, hips, and legs.

3. Pregnancy books

During pregnancy, you’re going to need all the help you can get, whether it’s from a friend who’s also gone through pregnancy or from a self-help book you picked up from a bookstore.

Each week will be different from the last and the next as you move along through pregnancy, which often stresses and confuses expecting mums. It’s common to have questions about what’s going on with your body.

A good pregnancy book can be the help you need! Many readily available books for expecting mums contain bodily changes and foetal development that will help you understand what’s happening with your body and come up with a plan on how to address them.

4. Maternity clothes

There’s no question that you’re going to outgrow your favourite clothes at some point during pregnancy. In fact, try to check if you can button your go-to pair of pants without struggling.

This is why shopping for maternity clothes is a no-brainer for many mummies!

You might want to stock up on maternity pants, but using waist extenders or borrowing your husband’s loose sweatpants might make do for the first few months. Sooner or later though, you’ll need pants with stretchable waistbands to accommodate your belly.

As you reach your last trimester, your feet will start swelling and expanding, so you might want to invest in a pair of cosy shoes and compression socks to help you move more comfortably.

5. Body lotions

It may not be as bad yet, but as your belly grows in size, it will itch a lot to the point that it’s annoying!

Applying l body lotions to your belly will reduce itchiness and keep you feeling clean and fresh throughout the day. We recommend picking a lotion that’s natural and chemical-free to make sure that you’re not exposing yourself to any harmful ingredients.

To reduce the chances of developing stretch marks, look for body lotions with vitamin A, Centella, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and coconut oil!

Want your own maternity pillow?

As we mentioned earlier, you might want to invest in a good maternity pillow to have the support that your growing belly needs. Trust us, it will save you from countless restless nights of trying to find a comfortable sleeping position that doesn’t strain your back and legs!

If you’re interested in one, why not try our doomoo Belly for free! It’s an ultra-soft and cosy pillow with microbeads that mould to the shape of your body and support the weight of your belly.

And for more articles on motherhood, pregnancy, baby life, and everything in between, visit our blog!

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