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5 Baby Nursery Decor Ideas and Styles

Baby room in scandinavian style with rocking horse

The most exciting thing about organising and building your child’s nursery is how you can play around with all sorts of baby nursery decor ideas as much as you want! 

From picking colours and textures to arranging lighting and furnishing, the sky's the limit when you’re putting together a comfy and inviting space for your child!

It’s easy to get carried away with all those cute nursery accessories and paraphernalia, so it’s important not to lose sight of the practical things! You wouldn’t want to spend money on something that isn’t going to be useful in a few months.

To help you out, here are some practical yet creative baby nursery decor ideas that will help you create a space that you and your baby will love to spend time in, no matter the time!

Yellow Toy Storage Baskets in the children's room. Cloth stylish Baskets with toys

1. Embrace storage baskets

Babies may not take up a lot of space, but the things they need will. Investing in proper storage will make your life easier as a parent! 

Nurseries can be quickly overrun with toys,  nappies, creams, changing pads, and blankets everywhere. That’s why we recommend investing in baskets and caddies to store these everyday essentials that you need to access quickly and frequently. 

These space-saving solutions are an excellent way to keep the nursery clean and clutter-free without hurting your budget. 

If possible, look for themed baskets and caddies. These will be an excellent way to disguise laundry and toys.

Decorative baby room wooden detail and baby interior

2. Experiment with colours

Nursery is the perfect place to have a little more with your colour choices. Just don’t go overboard and paint the walls with something either too bright or too dark!

Generally, pastel and pale colours work for children’s rooms because they tend to be more soothing and relaxing, both for the parents and the child. 

However, what makes putting together a nursery more exciting is getting to experiment with all sorts of colours! 

Just because pastel and pale colours are the more popular choices doesn’t mean you’ll disregard darker colours altogether. Adding some shades of blues, purples, greens, or even black could lead to something interesting.

Trendy stool with and build-in storage space

3. Invest in multifunctional furniture

You might want to consider multifunctional furniture if you’re working around a small room for your child’s nursery. 

When putting together a nursery, it’s important to preserve as much space as possible without giving up any furniture or items that will actually be helpful for you and your child. 

The problem with standard nursery furniture is that most of them only have a single function. For example, a nursing chair is to be used only for sitting. 

So, why not shop outside the nursery section and get a reclining armchair with storage below? You not only get a chair but also additional storage!

Neutral baby nursery

4. Combine natural and artificial lighting

No matter the room, combining natural and artificial lighting will give it the right amount of lighting. 

Try to use as much natural light as possible because this will make the nursery more cosy and inviting. We recommend having curtains and blinds for when your little one is napping during the day. 

When it comes to artificial lighting, go for fixtures with shaded or diffused lights as these will be easier on your baby’s eyes. Bright lights make babies anxious (and can even be dangerous), so avoid these types of lights at all costs.

Asian mom teaching baby boy learning and playing toys for development skill at home or nursery room

5. Make room for you

A nursery is not just a space for babies to sleep, it’s also a place for parents to rest and unwind. 

Trust us when we say that you’ll likely be spending most of your day inside the nursery, so do yourself a favour and make a space for yourself.

Get yourself a relaxing armchair (or better, a rocking chair) because this will make it easier for you to rest while you’re nursing or soothing your baby.

Get more baby nursery decor ideas and parenting advice from us

These baby nursery decor ideas should help you get started on your journey to building a comfortable and inviting space for your baby. 

If you’re looking for more advice like this, whether it’s about decorating a nursery or figuring out what to get for your friend’s baby shower, check out our blog. We have even more tips for moms and new parents there!

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